For most blokes, the answer to that is: The Pub. But the better option, for most guys, is actually: The Internet. Though you might dismiss internet dating as the purview of geeks, and guys that make John Merrick the looker of the group, everyone who is anyone dates online now. And anyway, we are not talking about online dating where you exchange a hundred emails before meeting her 200 miles away, we are talking about the new phenomenon that is sweeping the online dating world – Hookup sites.

Fake British Hookup Sites

Don’t Date, Hook Up

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that all internet, online dating is the same. It isn’t. There are a hundred different niches for your personal peccadilloes, but the one most guys should be interested is the hookup for sex sites that are sprouting up all across the internet. These are the ones we have reviewed in this guide, and the ones were you can easily find a one night stand for tonight. Yes, tonight. These type of sites are not like the regular dating sites that make you wait for the woman. If you are looking for sex, rather than a relationship, then make sure you go and check out the specialised sex dating sites.

Check The Reviews

There are a hell of a lot of these sites springing up all across the internet, some geared just for hookup for sex in United Kingdom, some more global, so you have to be wary of exactly what each site offers and what the pitfalls might be. That is one of the reasons we have put together our reviews of each of the best and worst sites that you find in the UK, so that you can make an informed choice about which site, or sites, are best for you.

What you should definitely not do is just sign up for the first site you come across. Just as with everything else in life now, there is a wealth of information out there on the internet to help you, and you should use it. GO and read our reviews and see which sites fit with your thoughts on looking for sex, and you will end up having a much better time than if you sign up for the first one that comes along.

Don’t Be Shy

One of the greatest things about these hookup sites is that all the bullshit and pretense is dispensed with immediately. Everyone knows why they are all there, so you don’t have to pretend you only want to be friends. You are there to find a one night stand in Britain, and you shouldn’t be afraid of admitting that. The great thing is, all the women on the site are there for that exact reason as well. Brilliant.Once you realize that you do not have to beg for it on these sites, or pretend that sex isn’t the whole point of this dating malarkey, then it is amazing how much easier the whole thing is. You can find the women who are exactly right for you, and are what you want. Because everyone knows it is a physical thing and that you are not becoming friends after this, you can be free to just go for blondes over brunettes, or look for the skinnier girls rather than the chubsters, or vice versa if that is your fancy. The world (or at least the world in your part of the UK) is your oyster.