5 Reasons Why You Should Trust SexSearch – Check Our Reviews
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On 1 October 2014
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SexSearch stays one of our favourite site. You can never go wrong with this site. All women are open-minded

SexSearch.comSexSearch turned out to be a great site, with tons of women available, and tons of features to help you get through online dating. The girls on the site were all regular girls just up for fun and the ones that did show up to the dates really did show us a great time.

Is SexSearch.com working in UK

2 Months Of Dating – The SexSearch.com Results

Again, 90 emails were sent to women that we found attractive on SexSearch.com. From all these emails we got 64 responses, which is a really good rate of return on hook up sites. We put this down to our secret tactic of making sure that we were always around to answer our replies. From there, 45 dates were set up, though only 20 girls showed up on the night (leaving us alone at the bar 25 times. ouch). But we closed with 15 of the 20 women that did show, so the no-shows really missed out on our chat up abilities.

The Best Messages For SexSearch.com

Because we think you need to be online all the time to get the most out of SexSearch.com, then we found the best messages were short and sweet, just enough to get their attention and get them to message back:
* Hey sweetheart. You look cute in your photos, and sound cute in your profile. I am looking for fun and up for anything you suggest…
A lot of the girls then had a lot of suggestions…

SexSearch.com reviews

After testing SexSearch.com for 2 months. We finally ranked this site #3 – You should try SexSearch Now! This website is REALLY GOOD for getting laid.

The Number 1 Feature To Check Out On SexSearch.com

The feature that really sells SexSearch.com is the thought that has gone into the site. There are a number of added extras that make it easier to get in contact with women, and keep in contact with those that you are interested in. These are such features as chat rooms, message boards, and lists of the people in your area who are the hottest, so you know exactly who to hook up with.

Score On SexSearch.com: The Top Tactic To Get Laid

We got a really good response to messages on SexSearch.com, and we put that down to staying online on the site as much as possible. When people see you are online and have sent hem a message, they have to immediately make a decision on whether to message you back or not. If your message, profile and pictures are all good (which ours are) then they will almost definitely get back to you straight away, lest they miss their chance. This is a good tip for any site, but particularly for sites like SexSearch which have millions of members and where you might get swamped if you are not in the ball all the time.

SexSearch.com: Minor Quibbles

Though we said our favourite part of the site was the added extras, these are also the part we had the most problems with. Though they are good, sometimes they are too good and you end up getting lost in them and forgetting why you came there. Always remember that you are on these sites to have sex in the real world and not to have virtual sex, watch videos or chat online. Always think about closing the deal and make the date.

SexSearch.com Summary: Hooking Up On SexSearch.com

Hooking up on SexSearch.com is great fun, and we ended up with some very good shags from our time on the site. Do not be afraid to be proactive on the site, and always remember to seal the deal. If you do that then, like other SexSearch reviews have found, this can be a great site to keep on your hook up list for whenever you are horny.

5 Reasons Why You Should Trust SexSearch – Check Our Reviews

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