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On 1 October 2014
Last modified:26 January 2023


You should not try SaucyDates before reading our reviews. It was really hard to get laid on this dating site.

SaucyDates.comSaucyDates was another of these sites that promises the world but barely offers a hamlet. The girls on the site initially looked great – hot bods, cute faces, provocative poses – but as soon as we delved deeper into the site and started contacting people we soon found that, in reality, these were not real girls available in our local areas as promised, but just images put up by scammers to reel men in, with the hope of conning them out of money further down the line. We resisted and we strongly advise that you resist this site too.

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Our Results on SaucyDates.com

* Emails sent – 90* Replies – 90* Dates set up – 25* Dates turned up – 1* Dates closed – 0

Porn Pix

The pictures on SaucyDates.com are a real giveaway. Though we won’t even tempt you to sign up just to take a look, you will have probably have seen sites like this elsewhere on your online dating journey. People might ask is SaucyDates real, and the only answer can be no. Well taken pictures of women in lingerie or less are not the type of images you get from real women on a real site. When you see such pictures it is a sure fire sign that something is up.

SaucyDates.com reviews

After testing SaucyDates. We did not find real women. Our advice will be to choose one of theselegit sites to get laid


In the last couple of years it has become even more difficult to spot fake accounts however, and this is why we were originally taken in by SaucyDates. Because people know post countless photos of themselves online, it is easier than ever for scammers to get hold of whole sets of images of real, hot girls. If a girl has ever sent you sext pictures or the like, with a stern warning ‘not to be shared’, then you’ll know how commonplace these pictures are. Sites like SaucyDates.com thrive on such images as it gives their fake accounts and air of authenticity.

A great way around this is to use google. You can give it the URL of the picture you think is suspicious and it will look for other instances of that picture online. We tried that with a few from this sites as a SaucyDates comparison, and the images always linked back to Facebook or the horrid revenge sites online. If there is a profile like this online, then steer well clear.

SaucyDates.com – Summary

Our results on this site do not bode well, and this SaucyDates reviews show why. We got replies, and even set up some dates, but when push came to shove, the girls didn’t show. We know why this is. It is because the pictures online were obviously fake and the girl in the photo would not be showing up. We would either be greeted by a munter, or a man. Either way, we are glad for the no-shows.

Why We Don’t Recommend You SaucyDates? Find Our Opinions Here

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