AdultMatchMaker Reviews: Is A Scam Site Or It’s Real?
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On 1 October 2014
Last modified:26 January 2023


You should not try AdultMatchMaker before reading our reviews. It was really hard to get laid on this dating site. We could right that 500 times and it would suffice for a AdultMatchMaker reviews, but we will soldier on and tell you exactly why we found this site, out of all the terrible ones we have reviewed, to be so interminably dull and one that isn’t even good for a laugh. AdultMatchMaker is the kind of site that you can see no one has put any thought into, and only exists for people to make a quick buck of unsuspecting punters.

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* Emails sent – 90* Replies – 3* Dates set up – 0* Dates turned up – 0* Dates closed – 0A 3% success rate on just the replies does not make for a good hook up sites. Lest you think this is just us, remember the success we had on the top sites in our reviews.

Boredom Ensues

Dating, and in particular adult dating and hook ups should be a lot of fun. Put up some good photos, write a fun profile and then start flirting outrageously with every girl you find cute. One (or a lot more) with take the bait and you are away. Not on Here it seems the developers have gone out of their way to design a site that sucks all the joy out of hooking up and in turn only attracts the kind of women who are joyless, and that is why they can’t hook up in the real world. The girls on this site seemed a lot more inhibited than most, which is obviously the opposite of what you want form a hook up site. We’d be surprised if they ever see any action, with the lack of vim and vigour they put into their hooking up. You just want to scream at these girls to get on one of the best sites, show them an AdultMatchMaker comparison, and le thtem have fun reviews

After testing AdultMatchMaker. We did not find real women. Our advice will be to choose one of theselegit sites to get laid

Woeful Site

Their plight is not helped by the site being terrible. Whereas the good sites will give you plenty of images to look at and revolve around the physical, on AdultMatchMaker you het tiny photos, and lot of mundane text and just a lot of nothing everywhere else. Again, you can see that this site is not designed for the user, but designed to confuse people and to play into the hands of advertisers and scammers. The best way to tell a good site from a poor one before you start chatting to the women, is to move around the site and see whether it has a good user experience. If so, then it was built with you in mind and you are bound to have fun on the site. – Summary

This site really depressed us, as the women were dowdy and dull, and the site was badly designed and bordering on unusable. DO not use unless you like depressed women.

AdultMatchMaker Reviews: Is A Scam Site Or It’s Real?

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