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On 1 October 2014
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Getiton was good. But We prefered SocialSex. Even if it's our #4 We still recommend it.

GetItOn.comGetting it On at GetItOn.com was fun, easy, and hot. Though the final number of shags we got may not seem that impressive for two months effort, we promise it is better than most sites, and the fact that once offline almost all the girls went to bed with us, it shows that the girls that are up for it really keep their promises.

Is Getiton.com working in UK

2 Months Of Dating – The GetItOn.com Results

90 girls in GetItOn got emails from us, the best 90 we could find, and we got replies from almost 40% of them (35 replies), which is a good ratio on any dating site. 20 of those agreed to a date, though ten then stood us up, which was a bit of a problem, though 9 of the ten that did turn up went to bed with us, so in the end we didn’t really have anything to complain about!

The Best Messages For GetItOn.com

Because the site revolved around the matching system, it made sense to make sure you messages where in relation to those. Therefore they rely on whatever are your personal sexual preferences, but our messages went something like this:
* Hey! Like the look of your profile. Looks like we are into the same type of things and are a great match (according to the site). Shall we meet up and see if that is so?
Because they now that you are a great match already, you only really need to make the contact and start the conversation for things to proceed.

Getiton.com reviews

After testing Getiton.com for 2 months. We finally ranked this site #4 – You should try Getiton Now! This website is REALLY GOOD for getting laid.

The Number 1 Feature To Check Out On GetItOn.com

The feature that really worked for us on GetItOn.com was their matching system. This allowed you to narrow your search to women that were a) near you and b) like you very easily. This meant that you could get straight into it with the matched women knowing that they were up for it just the way you were. It worked by asking you a number of detailed questions about exactly what you wanted when you signed up. Questions about your sexual preferences, wants and desires led to a GetItOn comparison with the women on the site and meant that any girl you were matched with was certain to satisfy in the sack.

Score On GetItOn.com: The Top Tactic To Get Laid

The matching system meant that a lot of the work was already done for you on the site, and our recommendation is to go with these matches. Because the matching system works so well, it means that both you and the girl know what you’ll be getting and knows that you’ll get what you want. Even if you don’t necessarily like the look of the girl, you still know she’ll give you what you need so it is worth messaging her to find out more.

GetItOn.com: Minor Quibbles

The only bad thing in our GetItOn reviews is that it is a bit of a small site so the choice on offer isn’t quite that at the other bigger sites. Still, the fact that we managed to score with a fair amount of the girls that we contacted shows that it is quality, not quantity that matters, and with the site’s matching system, you will definitely end up having quality sex.

GetItOn.com Summary: Hooking Up On GetItOn.com

Even though the numbers weren’t so good on this website, sites like GetItOn make up for it by offering quality hookups through systems like their matching algorithm. By following their ideas of who is best for you, you can end up having exactly the sex you want.

Have You Tried Getiton? Find Out User Reviews About This Site

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