If you want to get laid in the UK then you have come to the right place. We, like you, have been searching online for the best sites, the best girls, and the best tricks for online dating. That is what we have been doing for the last couple of months. The three of us have been going out, getting laid, and getting scammed, so that guys like us, your regular blighty bloke, can hook up online with confidence, and get any women he wants.

Guide to get laid
Guide to get laid
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Why We’re Here

Simples. We three have become sick and tired of signing up to crappy dating sites that offer nothing more than scams. Whenever any of us tried online dating, whether it be for quick hook ups or more long term relationships, we always found that we were hounded out of the sites by guys pretending to be girls, foreign girls pretending to be British girls, and girls you have to pay for pretending you can get it for free. These types of scams are so rife on online dating websites that we decided to do something about it. Namely produce this guide for getting laid online, which will take you through the best sites to sign up for, how to hookup with the women from these sites, and how to make sure you show the lady the time of her life when you two do finally meet!To start, make sure that you only sign up for these great hookup sites.

These are the only adult dating sites you should use when getting laid in the UK. The will provide you will fit women, plenty of them, and allow you to steer clear of all the scam artists and fakers that thrive online.

The Best Tips & Tricks

Once you are signed up and on these sites then the next thing you need to know is how to get the girls from being just virtual to very physical. During our research we tried out dozens of different techniques for all aspects of the online dating experience. Whether you need help writing your online profile so that it maximises your chances of getting laid, crafting the best messages to women so that you will always win on adult dating sites in United Kingdom, or you need that little added zing in bed, to make sure that any girl that goes home with you will talking about it to her friends for weeks to come, we will teach you how to hookup in Britain.

The Mistakes You Don’t Have to Make

Of course, it isn’t all plain sailing out there. Otherwise we wouldn’t need to put together this guide to help other blokes like us out. If you do not know where to tread when it comes to UK sites to get laid, then you are likely to step in a big pile of dog shit. So many sites are full of scams, and so many have fake girls that are really guys that you will never trust the internet again. We will point out the very worst sites to get laid that you should absolutely avoid, and give you the tricks that we have learnt so that you can spot the red flags and not end up dating George when you should be dating Georgina.

Our Method – The Right Method

Over two months, the three of us planned as many dates as we could off the sites that we have reviewed for you here, in our British guide for getting laid online. We have put together a proprietary method that we have used to test each site, evaluate it against its competition, and then rank all of the main hook up sites that exist in the UK, giving you a definitive ranking of what sites are worth signing up to, and which ones are utter turd.This is the best method you will find on the web, particularly for UK sites. Some sites may be great for hooking up in the US, Oz, or France, but we know exactly what a refined British gent is after in his hour of need, and have made sure that the sites we recommend are the best a British man can get.