Does SocialSex Really Work Or It’s Not A Real Dating Site?
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On 1 October 2014
Last modified:26 January 2023

Summary: is definitely a good choice if you are looking to get laid came out top of our list for the really simple reason that we got a shedload of shags from it. The results were so extraordinary from this site, that we keep going back time and again, even though we have finished our little experiment. If you are looking for your main adult dating site online, then SocialSex should be it.

Is working in UK

2 Months Of Dating – The Results

Like all the adult dating sites that we assessed, we were on Socialsex for two months, and sent a total of 90 emails to the women on the site. From these emails we received more than 80% response rate, getting 75 replies. That is phenomenal – only 15 girls on the site didn’t respond to our messages. And remember, we are going for some of the best girls on the site, not the mingers. From there, we set up 50 dates, 30 of which we closed (with ten no-shows). We are more than happy with these results and we hope you can see why this site hits number 1 on our list.

The Best Messages For

The way to succeed on sites like is to be flirty, but not outrageous. Our favourite messaging strategy for this site went something like this:* Hey babe, you look smoking in your photos, and though I am trying to quit, you are the kind of girl that makes it hard to kick the habit. Would love to find out how you taste…
Stupid, flirty, but not going too far or being too lewd. This kind of message got plenty of replies. reviews

After testing for 2 months. We finally ranked this site #1 – You should try SocialSex Now! This website is REALLY GOOD for getting laid.

The Number 1 Feature To Check Out On

By far and away the best part of SocialSex was the fact that it really wanted to keep everything local. In fact, we would put a significant amount of our success on the site down to this feature. It meant that all the girls we contacted, and contacted us, where really local and we could get out and hook up with them immediately. This made the whole process far more fun, as you nearly always new that the girl on the other end was both up for it and available – something you do not see on the crappier sites.

Score On The Top Tactic To Get Laid

Though in our guide we said that you should always get out there and be sending messages to as many women as you want, in fact that was not really necessary on SocialSex. The girls on this site knew what they wanted and how to get it and, once we had put together a good profile, we almost immediately started getting messages. Therefore the best strategy for success on sites like SocialSex is to put up your profile and then let the women do all the hard work. Bliss. Minor Quibbles

Well this really is a minor quibble. It is hard to fault this site, especially as it brought us such good times, but if we hard to make one criticism it was that sometimes our inbox was too full. On most sites we would not complain about getting messages, but here we seemed inundated and it got to be a bit too much. Because of the full inbox it could be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff and you ended up having to trawl through loads of profiles to find the exact girls you were after. Told you it was a minor quibble… Summary: Hooking Up On

Most SocialSex reviews will say the same thing: this site is ace. And we are in firm agreement here. From the fact that the site is well designed and free of all the bollocks you get elsewhere, to the fact that there is plenty of local pussy to go around, to the fact that the girls on here are proactive and will contact you as much as you contact them, this is one of the best dating sites we have ever come across and should definitely be the first one you sign up to whenever you want to get your end away.

Does SocialSex Really Work Or It’s Not A Real Dating Site?

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