Everyone loves free. It is possibly the best word in the world. But combine it with the word ‘sex’ and things go into orbit. The idea that you could have free sex seems too good to be true for many men… and it is. Ain’t nuthin’ in this life coming for free, said someone, and we are reiterating the point. If you want to find free sex, then we really do not think that you are going to find them on hook up sites. What you will find however, is good sex, constant sex, and actually, pretty cheap sex. All you have to do is find the right sites and the right girls…

Fake British Hookup Sites

Nothing For Free

The free hookup sites are not doing it for the good of all mankind. They are getting paid from somewhere, and if they are not getting paid from you, they are getting paid from somebody else, with you as the product. Usually this means that they get paid to serve you up the hundreds of annoying ads that infest the hookup websites for free in United Kingdom. These ads are not only annoying, but can also be dangerous, infecting your computer with malware every time they are downloaded.

For us, the most annoying thing about these ads though is the way that they get in the way of finding the women online. We get constantly frustrated when using these sites, when we click on the profile link for what looks like a cute girl, only to find ourselves spirited off to another site, normally a cam girl site to watch her writhe around on her bed 1000 miles away. That is not what we signed up, and not what you should be signing up for either.

All of these free hookup sites are making money somehow – wouldn’t you prefer it they make money from you by producing a good service.

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam…

If you sign up for a free site, that is what you will get. Because they have no interest in providing a quality experience for you, you will find yourself inundated with adverts for services you do not require, or for girls you are not interested in. The free sites that we have signed up for in the last still send us a dozen emails a day saying that the women on their sites want to hook up with us right now. Of course this is bollocks, but you will get it nonetheless if you sign up on hookup websites for free.

Serious Hookup Sites

The paid dating websites may not seem the bargain that the free dating sites for getting laid are, but you will thank us in the long run for pushing you towards these sites. For one, they are not going to keep hassling you with ads, or spam emails, or scams. As you can take your business, and your money elsewhere at any time, they have to make sure that their websites are legit.And two, if you use paid dating websites in Britain, then you will know that all of the other people on that website have also paid for the privilege of being there, and are therefore serious about their fun. They want to hookup and are actively looking for people to hook up with, so you can start to get the messages out there knowing that you are going to get replies from real, paid up members of these sites.