After Testing For 2 Months – Here Are The Results

The Five Best Rated Sex Sites

If you want sites to get laid in the UK, then look no further. The first table below will tell you which sites actually work for how to hookup in Britain. There is nothing special about us guys, apart from the fact that we followed our own advice from this site, so we are confident that any guy willing to put in a bit of work will have success on these sites, and that it will be well worth it.

Sites To Get Laid Rating Ranking Msg Sent Msg Received Dates Set Up Dates Had Having Sex Read Review Visit the Site
★★★★★ #1 90 75 50 40 30 Read the Review Get the Free Trial
★★★★ #2 90 55 45 37 21 Read the Review Get the Free Trial
★★★★ #3 90 64 45 20 15 Read the Review Get the Free Trial
★★★ #4 90 35 20 10 9 Read the Review Get the Free Trial
★★★ #5 90 30 24 15 8 Read the Review Get the Free Trial

These are dating sites for getting laid, as simple as that. You won’t find any extra guff on these sites, no scams and no frauds getting in the way as you do on most adult dating sites in United Kingdom. As long as you follow our British guide for getting laid online then you can pull birds from the above sites.

The Worst Adult Dating Sites for 2021

The next list however you will struggle on even if you are Idris Elba. These are the sites that we really struggled with, for reasons we will elaborate on in each of the reviews. Suffice to say, stay away from these sites and your life, and your sex life will be a lot happier and a lot easier. These are the sites that are full of scams and that will lighten you wallet, instead of lightening your balls.

Sites To Get Laid Rating Msg Sent Msg Received Dates Set Up Dates Had Having Sex Read Review
★★ 90 95 5 5 0 Read the Review
★★ 90 90 25 1 0 Read the Review
90 45 10 1 0 Read the Review
90 34 0 0 0 Read the Review
90 75 0 0 0 Read the Review
90 10 0 0 0 Read the Review
90 90 3 0 0 Read the Review
90 90 0 0 0 Read the Review
90 90 0 0 0 Read the Review
90 90 0 0 0 Read the Review

Now don’t just immediately click through to those and bid us farewell. Our success on these sites was down not only to the site, but the amount of effort we put into them. Make sure you read through the guide on how to make the most of your time on these sites and your success levels will be tenfold what they would be without.

The first thing you will l want to know about any online dating is what sites are good, and what sites are crap. You can’t really get started in any online dating until you know whether the site you are signing up to is going to get you laid or not. Unfortunately, if you just picked the first sites that came up when you started looking online, then in all likelihood you are not going to get laid from these sites. This is because 90% of the dating sites online are either scams, or breeding grounds for fraudsters and con-men (yes, con-men, not con-women) looking to relieve you of your money quickly.

What you really need is an entire, empirical review system that looked at how successful an average man can be on any of these sites, so you can get a much better idea of how many women you could actually hook up with off these sites. Well, you are in luck – you’ve found one.

The Good, The Bad, And The Scam

There are a crazy number of dating sites online nowadays. Most of these are the regular sites, sits that are set up for you to find your true love if you are living in Dartmouth and she is living in Doncaster. Most of these are scams as well, but the amount of scam regular dating sites does not even compare to the amount of scam dating websites for hookups. Because the people running these sites (and those frauds posing as women on them) know that the guys signing up are after quick and easy sex, they know that they are easy marks. Once a guy is thinking with his dick, he is no longer thinking with his head. It is so easy to make money from these sites, either through getting unsuspecting victims to sign up for sites that offer nothing, serving them up ads (and malware) that constantly cause them problems, or turning a blind eye to the illegal cons and frauds that happen daily on these sites, that during our testing we often thought we should just start up our site like this, sit back and let the pounds roll in.

But no, we wanted to actually get laid, just like you, and wanted to reward the best hookup sites out there that actually offer the opportunity. In the end, out of the hundreds of sites we chose 15 sites that we thought might have some potential. Boy, were we wrong. Out of the 15, only 5 actually stood up to rigorous testing, with the other ten being just as scam, fake, and fraud-filled as all of the other sites you will come across online. These 5 legit sites are worth signing up for, whereas we want to make sure that any bloke really after good, fun sex online steers well clear of the other ten that we tested.

How We Tested

There are three of us, spread around the country (we were friends from uni, all gone to our respective corners of our sceptred isle) and over the course of two months we tested fifteen UK sites to get laid. What we were looking for in the end was how many dates we could set up and how many of those dates could we actually ‘close’ i.e. how many birds did we pull. This is a benchmark that anyone can understand and the obvious one for our studies. We sent out two emails per day to the girls on these sites and saw how many we got back, then followed those up with more messaging, then the option of a date, then the date, and finally how many did we get in the sack. It was all very hard work…