So, who do we think we are telling everyone else in Britain were and how to hookup in Britain. Well the answer to that is that, really, we are just like you. We are mates that enjoy going down the pub, enjoy a pint, and enjoy pulling birds. We had tried a bit of online dating before, for fun, and never really had any success, finding the sites were as full of scams as they were of women, so we knocked it on the head. But when we met up one weekend recently we had a few drinks and had a thought… Why not put these sites to the test.

We’ve Been There

The first thing to know about us is that we have been there. It is not that we are all either fantastically good looking (I am), or that we are outrageously charming (just me again). We are really just regular guys. We would have a bit of success once in a while down the pub, and like most people these days had flirted a bit with online dating, though normally for regular relationships, not hooking up.

Then, once the internet dating scene started to explode, we did start getting into hooking up online. Almost immediately we wished we hadn’t. One of us got scammed pretty badly, and all of us had trouble finding decent sites, even on sites that seemed completely legit. When we met up one weekend we started talking about how bullshit these sites were and what should be done. The idea of running a full-scale test of these sites grew from there. Not only would we be helping out our fellow man, we would also have enormous fun into the bargain. In the end it wasn’t all fun (as you’ll see from some of the reviews), but let’s face it, there are worse ways of spending you time than trying to shag as many random girls as possible.

A Helping Hand

But it wasn’t all selfishness. OK, most of it was, but not all. We really though that by setting down in writing, or pixels, what were the good UK sites to get laid then it would make online dating a lot easier for everyone. A one-stop shop for guys looking for the lowdown of what are good sites, what are not, and what to do to make sure that you have success first time and every time. This was our challenge and we were glad to accept it.
We whittled the main adult dating sites in United Kingdom down to the fifteen we reviewed and the results are what you can see here. But once this idea had formed in our head, we didn’t want to leave it there. Why not build a guide that gives the regular British man all he needs to hook up online. That is the point of this British guide for getting laid online, it will tell you all you need to know, from suave start to messy finish.
We did this because it seemed that, even if we could point people in the right direction, a lot of the time decent guys were losing out to the twats that ruled these sites. Though these guys were abrasive and brash, they were also confident, which as you will see, is rule number 1 for success in online dating. But they were massive dicks (but without the massive dick, which there were also posting pictures of!), so we thought that any decent guy, as long as he exuded confidence would clean up on these sites.
That is exactly what happened to us, and exactly what can happen to you if you follow the tips, tricks and rules of this guide.

The Upside

OK, so this wasn’t entirely altruistic. There was an upside for us three, and that upside would be the dozens and dozens of women we slept with during our two month test. I tell you, it’s a tough life being a dating website tester, a tough life indeed.