As we have said, the online dating world is a growing business, and very profitable. Likewise, a lot of the people involved in it do not have many scruples when it comes to where that money comes from. The best sites do try and get money through providing good services, good websites, and the right contacts between people. But the majority will try and make money through scams, fakery, and fraud. Countless men, very day, fall for these fake accounts that promise abundant, rampant sex, if they just give the girl the air fare for the trip. Make sure that you are not one of the fools by following a few simple rules that will help you sort out the fakes from the fucks.

Fake British Hookup Sites

Fakes & Frauds

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again until you get it into your thick skulls – there is no such thing as a free shag. You might find a free site, and it might look wicked, but somewhere, someone is making money from you. One way sites do this is to turn a blind eye to fake women and frauds that squat on their sites. By allowing these accounts, that are always advertising super-hot, super-willing women, then can drive traffic to their sites and get advertising or malware revenue from providers. This is definitely not what you want. These accounts will look amazing as that is the point of them – to get you clicking on them and through to other pages that will bring up a barrage of ads or a surreptitious download of some spyware. If it looks too good to be true, it is.

Nobody’s Perfect

Therefore, you have to beware of any women who looks a lot better than the birds you get down your local on a Friday night. We have surveyed the best sites, and in reality, even on there, the real girls on these sites are 6 or 7s, maybe the odd 8. So the ‘perfect 10’ girls you see on the sign up page of fake sex personals sites in Britain are utterly fake. Normally they scrape these pictures from porn sites, or revenge sites if they are looking for the girl-next-door look. They use these pictures to pull you in, and then when you sign up, the only real girls on these sites will be munters, because all the fit girls will be on the decent sites. These fake sex personals sites infect the dating scene in the UK, and the less people use them, the quicker they will be consigned to the dustbin.

Femme Fatales

But the real dating fraud comes from the women who appear totally legit. These are also the hardest to spot. This type of online dating scammer will have a load of pictures of what seems like a hot, but respectable girl. She’ll be happy to send you pictures in risqué poses, teasing you and getting naughtier and naughtier the more you chat with her. In fact, it will seem like you have struck gold – a real women, who is fit, and well up for it. Only problem is she lives far, far away and needs to get to you to bang you senseless ASAP. Can you send her the airfare, and she’ll pay you back at the end of the month, after all the sex? Bollocks. Never, ever, ever send money to someone online. You will not see that girl ever, and you will not see that money, ever. This is straight up fraud and there are fake women in United Kingdom just as there are in Belarus, or other countries that you normally associate this kind of behaviour with.