Every guy, and every girl, wants to be brilliant in bed. And they can be. We think of sexual skills as something only those blessed with big dongs, big muscles, and big egos can possess, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. These things a) don’t matter, and b) can actually inhibit your ability to be brilliant in the sack. This is because guys who think they are awesome already think they have nothing to learn, and think that they are always turning girls on, whereas this lack of introspection leads to a lack of imagination, and imagination is where it gets good in bed. If you want to improve your sexual skills, and improve your sex life along with it, then you only have to be willing to learn, and be willing to do whatever it takes to turn a woman on.

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Be The Best Sexual Partner

The trick to boost your confidence in bed is to first understand that you know nothing. You might think this will ruin any confidence, but in reality it will allow you to learn everything that you need to know from the women that you sleep with. Consider any new woman as a new teacher who can develop your skills, making you even better for the next girl. Sex, as in life, is a constant learning experience, and you should take away something new from every partner.

A lot of this is down to having a lack of ego. Once you admit you need to learn, you will, and you will be willing to try out anything new that the girl in bed suggests.

Turning Her On

A significant problem with these big-ego, muscle head types is that they just do not think about the women in the equation. They think that they have a big dick (normally average at best) and think ramming it in and out of her will be enough to satisfy. Anyone who wishes learn more from a sex dating site in United Kingdom and to excel in the bedroom knows this isn’t true and that you have to do a hell of a lot to a women before you get to that point.

Talk: A bit of sexy or dirty talk may sound stupid to you, butit can work wonders for the women. Think about it the other way round – how much would you love a girl to tell you all the naughty things she is thinking of doing to you.* Kiss & Caress: Whereas guys basically have one erogenous zone in their trousers, women are hot all over. Kissing, licking, tickling and touching her everywhere will turn her on slowly, ramping up the heat inside her body until she is in desperate need of fucking.* Going down: Always, always, always go down on a girl. Feels good for you right? Well, it feels good for her as well, especially when you are doing it right. It will be different for each girl so listen to her commands, but always start lightly and on the outside around her clitoris, before getting harder and quicker as she gets more excited.

The Best Sex Ever

We wouldn’t be a good sex dating site if we didn’t give you our tips for the best sex ever. If you are looking to improve your sex life in Britain then the trick is make sure it is woman first. The hotter you get her before you get seriously involved the better the sex will be. You need to take her to the top of her mountain before you plummet into her cave. If that is too euphemistic for you, then try this: Kiss her everywhere, go down on her, finger her, do everything you can to her, then let her ride you to heaven.