3 Major Reasons Why You Should NEVER Try eHarmony
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On 1 October 2014
Last modified:26 January 2023


You should not try eHarmony before reading our reviews. It was really hard to get laid on this dating site.

eHarmony.co.uk – A Fraud From The Get GoThere is one thing that you will often come across when you start dating online, and it is something that we strongly frown upon here at Get Laid Online towers, and that is fraud. We have said before that you cannot trust the vast majority of dating sites and hookup sites online, and that is definitely true of eHarmony.co.uk. Not only is the site full of fake accounts and people trying to grab your money, even the site itself is a fake, redirecting you to another site entirely once you have signed up. Bad form indeed.

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Our Results on eHarmony.co.uk

* Emails sent – 90* Replies – 95* Dates set up – 5* Dates turned up – 5* Dates closed – 0Not good.

Fake Girls Galore

Once you get over the annoyance of being on a site that you never signed up for, the first thing that hits you when you land on the homepage of the site is that none of the girls on this site could possibly be real. Remember when we said about being careful about perfect 10s? This is a great example. The pictures on the site are so obviously taken from professional models and porn stars that we wonder how any one is taken in by it. In fact, ahem, on some of our more lonely forays around the internet, we have seen some of those same girls on other sites, and they are not interested in dating you, neither are they from Wigan.

eHarmony.co.uk reviews

After testing eHarmony. We did not find real women. Our advice will be to choose one of theselegit sites to get laid

Fraud Squad

The fact that the pictures are so fake means that a lot of guys will not be taken in by them. But some really do not think with their heads and instead end up thinking that they have a chance with these girls. Of course, in the interest of our experiment it was important for us to contact these girls whether we thought they might be frauds or not. By the number of replies we got you can see the level of interest. That is because the fakers thought they had caught a fish so immediately got back to us. They then made all the right sounds about how much they wanted to fuck our brains out, but once shit got real, they bailed. These girls, if they were girls, were not in the position to really hook up with us, so no dating (bar a few real girls from the site) took place. The dates we did wrangle were all mingers and it was us who politely declined come the end of the night.

eHarmony.co.uk – Summary

eHarmonys is a terrible site and not one any guy should sign up for. It may look like a great site, with hot women, but eHarmonys reviews like this show that, in reality, it is just out to make a quick quid from your pocket.

3 Major Reasons Why You Should NEVER Try eHarmony

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